Striated Singing Stargazers are out of the kiln and ready for new homes!

Sculpture - /m/083vt

Its been a dreamy week in the studio with Stargazers making themselves visible in both small and much larger ways. I have pleasure in unleashing a small group of the first curly tailed stargazers on the world today – only 6 out of the kiln this morning and into my shop.

Also growing in the studio there are three giant stargazers, drying as I write this but singing their hearts out as they do so. This trio will be a little longer in the finishing and will make a world debut in a few months.

I have been having a lot of fun with these creatures and I hope this sense of joy is translated to you the viewer.

Stargazers in the making

5 Replies to “Striated Singing Stargazers are out of the kiln and ready for new homes!”

  1. Len McCarthy

    Angie the Striated Singing Stargazers are so beautiful. Can I buy one? It will make the most wonderful chrissy suprise for somebody.

    1. Angie Russi[ Post Author ]

      Hi Len

      yes of course you can buy one! A noisy one with its mouth open or an more dreamy introspective one?
      Lets know – hopefully the online payment works? give it a go?

      much love

      1. Angie Russi[ Post Author ]

        Hi Again Eloise

        Oh my I see you have purchased one! well done you….. I think as you are just up the street
        you need to come down on the weekend and choose which stargazer you would like?

        Grazie Mille

  2. Eloise Mitchell

    Hi Angie,
    They are wonderful … the star gazer. I would very much love to give one (maybe 2 in time) a new home. I love them.
    If you can tell tell me home to go about it I’ll pay and pick up however best suits if available.


    1. Angie Russi[ Post Author ]

      Hi Eloise

      Happy to do all of the above in person and very content fro you to pick out your very own Stargazers.
      Just text me? happy for another bushwalk whenever also.

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